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Our Story

Owners David & Kathy Culley knew from their second date in 1985 that they both dreamed of owning a restaurant. Having been dishwashers in their first jobs, they both started at the bottom and worked their way up, with David becoming General Manager at Coco’s Restaurant in Santa Rosa where he hired Kathy as a server.

Kathy’s time at Coco’s was all of one week, but David didn’t mind; now he could ask her for a date. It was on that second date that they discovered each others’ dream of owning a restaurant. Marriage and two kids later, the dream was on hold until 1996 when Kathy discovered an old dive of a deli for sale on the Healdsburg Plaza. This old dive needed love (and a lot of remodeling), but David & Kathy put in the blood, sweat & tears and created Center Street Cafe & Deli, which became a Healdsburg local favorite.

In 2005, David & Kathy built KC’s Downtown Grill on the Windsor Town Green from the ground up, and it was an instant success, becoming Windsor’s favorite restaurant. While they missed their first restaurant, they never looked back and put all they had into KC’s.

In late 2014, KC’s Downtown Grill became KC’s American Kitchen, with the new logo and name reflecting the bold move into the future KC’s had planned.  In 2015 the sleek and modern The Patio at KC’s  was added, with flat screens, beautiful lighting and fantastic design, worthy of your special event. The fully heated Patio at KC’s allows diners to enjoy beautiful outdoor dining year-round. In nice weather, enjoy the summer breeze when we open our 8-foot tall sliding windows.

David & Kathy are grateful for the community support and loyalty that continue to make KC’s American Kitchen Windsor’s Most Popular Restaurant.

Kathy and Dave, owners at KC's American Kitchen